The Divorce Team brings together members from three Collaborative Team Practice (CTP) professions to provide vibrant and practical training to enable you to launch or improve your own CTP.

The founders of the Divorce Team are committed to the CTP because it keeps clients out of court, reduces the financial burden of a divorce, and produces separation and divorce settlements that are agreeable all parties.

The Divorce Team members are all accomplished in their own fields and principals of their own Collaborative Practices. They have combined their experiences and skills to develop interdisciplinary CTP courses to bring you training that is engaging, fun and effective. You will walk away with tools to launch, market and conduct your own Collaborative Team Practice.

The Joy of an EX shares the wisdom of more than 50 Divorce Experts.

Family lawyers, financial specialists, child experts, and a variety of therapists have collaborated to provide useful and empowering information to assist local couples in taking control of their divorce process.

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Let The Divorce Team be part of your team - our experience and training will ensure your CTP is effective and your clients are cared for.